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    At Man 2 Man Counseling Center, PLLC (M2M) we want to remove the stigma that therapy is for the weak, fearful, or vulnerable. We understand that men of color often suffer in silence because of the stigma that seeking help is a sign of weakness; which has been frowned upon for generations in our society. We seek to bridge the gap for men of color to seek therapy by providing a safe space and a male therapist of color to assist in the therapeutic process.

    Mission and Vision

    At M2M Counseling Center we strive to connect Men of color with culturally competent male therapists of color.

    Our Team

    Brandon L King M.A., LPC

    M2M is a place where men can come to get the help they need. A place where they can be vulnerable and let their guards down to discover their true selves and address their problems/concerns.

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    Sabastan Moore M.A., LPC

    Sabastan Moore is a state certified Therapist servicing the Greater Houston area especially Katy & Richmond. Using a Person-Centered approach to therapy, his focus is crafting strategies for self-improvement for your specific needs.
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    Torey Gilmore M.Ed, LPCA

    I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPCA) in the state of Texas. I specialize in working with school-age youth as well as Adults. I’ve worked as a High School Counselor and Middle School Counselor and spent several years working with teens teaching…
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    Mphatso Khoza, M.A., LPC-A

    You have found yourself at a crossroads in life and the choices that you face seem foreboding and challenging. Maybe you are in the middle of a significant life transition and are in need of a partnership that can help with the navigation around uncertainty and ambiguity.

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    Michael Clark, M. Ed, LPC-A

    I am a Graduate Student Intern completing my masters’ degree in Marriage Couples and Family Therapy at Lamar University. My roles as Director with Boys & Girls Club of America, Teacher, Administrator and Coach within Texas Public Schools and soon to be counselor has prepared me to support individuals and families on their counseling journey.

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    A’Myer Armstrong, LMSW

    I am a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) in the state of Texas. I specialize in helping folx navigate through masculine-related issues, grief & loss, PTSD, dating/sex/general anxiety, depression, intergenerational trauma, and race-related stress/anger.

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