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  • Mphatso Khoza, M.A., LPC-A

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    You have found yourself at a crossroads in life and the choices that you face seem foreboding and challenging. Maybe you are in the middle of a significant life transition and are in need of a partnership that can help with the navigation around uncertainty and ambiguity. You are viewing your relationships within a new framework and you need to re-imagine your basis for significance. You have discovered that there are issues associated with unfinished business that are impeding your relational and familial connections. If you fall into these categories, then I offer myself and a fellow sojourner on the road to new meaning.

    Talking to others outside of trusted circles can seem difficult and even shameful. Our cultural socializations predispose prescribed responses to emotional and mental health helpers. I understand this response and it is normal. I invite you, however, to envision a future where you are able to cope in ways that are more healthy. Let us get there together.